Get-ready-for-spring-at-Yankee-SalvageSpring is in the air @ Yankee Salvage

Spring is a great time to start new projects and we have spent the last few weeks getting ready for you. Make sure you come by Yankee Salvage and check out our constantly changing, but wonderfully priced building products.

Windows and Doors

We pride ourselves in keeping great quality of windows and doors. If you are new to the area, or you haven’t been to visit us before, then you may not know that we assemble many of our high quality doors in house. We recently received a shipment of windows that are great for new construction or replacement.

Porch Railings

We have a couple of styles to choose from. You will find our prices are much lower than our competitors. Why build from scratch when you can buy ready made? Save time, energy, and money.

Landscaping projects

We have a large quantity of RED PAVERS in stock at present, as well as other landscaping blocks. We at times run low of certain products…Just like now we are out of Landscaping timbers. But, we have loads of Railroad ties. Have you considered using these for you landscaping needs?

Hot Water Heaters

I couldn’t write this article without mentioning one of our most popular items…Water Heaters. We bought a whole load of heaters in January and within 3 weeks, 1/2 the load was gone. But don’t worry, we will not leave you out, there is more on the way. New load will be ready by March 29th.

Foam Insulation

Another very popular item, is our Foam Insulation. We stock, 1/2, 3/4, 1″, 1 1/2, 2″ in 4 x 8 sheets with foil.


Get ready for Spring at YANKEE SALVAGE in Telford Tn.